1. Can I change my ticket schedule?


Yes you can. For Terms & Condition see the link: https://www.lionair.co.id/en/terms-conditions#one 

2. Can I change the flight route from the ticket that has been purchased


Changing flight routes can only be done by submitting an old ticket for refund process following the applicable terms and conditions, then buying a new ticket according to your desired destination route.

3. When can I change my flight schedule


You can change your flight schedule at any time following the applicable terms & conditions in several ways:

Send e-mail to customercare@lionairgroup.com..

4. My flight has been rescheduled/ cancelled. Can I change it back?


Yes, you can change the schedule if the flight is rescheduled/ cancelled by the Airline, for terms & conditions you can contact:

5. Will I get a new ticket after making a schedule change?


Yes, you will get it according to the schedule changes that have been made and will be sent via email automatically, or you can request by e-mail to customercare@lionairgroup.com..

6. Can I request a schedule change for one ticket if there is more than one ticket/passenger in one booking code?


Yes, you can apply via:

  • Call Center at (+62) 21 6379 8000/ 0804 1 778899, or
  • Send e-mail to customercare@lionairgroup.com
  • Come to the Lion Group representative offices.