1. Why do airplane window shutters have to be opened and seat backs raised during takeoff and landing?


This is necessary for passenger safety reason.

2. What should I do if I sit in the emergency seat?


If you occupy a seat near emergency exit, you will be asked to open the emergency exit and assist the flight crew when the aircraft is in danger.

Please request a seat change, if you:

  • Have physical limitations that may not be visible but will hinder if at any time needed to help.
  • Feelings of limitations: strength, movement, skills in both hands and feet, or balance problems opening doors to assist flight crew.
  • Feeling unable to reach the emergency exit, open it and exit quicly.
  • Believing that physical activity undertaken to open the door will cause injury.
  • Having hearing or language limitations so that they do not hear / do not understand the orders of the flight crew.
  • Have visual impairments or do not understand the instructions referred to in this card.
  • Unable to give instruction other passengers.
  • Have other responsibilities (such as taking care of young children) that will hinder them from assisting the flight crew.
  • Be under 18 years of age or unable to do so without the help of others