1. Is it allowed to use electronic equipment during flight?


Electronic equipment that may interfere with aircraft navigation during takeoff and landing must be turned off.

2. Can I recharge my smart phone during the flight using a power bank?


For flight safety, Lion Air Group still forbidden on using portable device with additional battery charge (power bank)

3. Are there provisions for bringing batteries on board?


Terms & conditions for bringing batteries on board:

  1. Ensure that the battery is separated from electronic devices and packaged in a special packaging so that the battery cannot be activated
  2. Maximum battery capacity is 100 Wh or 20.000 mAh.
  3. The capacity of 100 – 160 Wh or 20.000 – 32.000 mAh must be approved by Lion Air Group Prohibited to enter the aircraft for capacity more than 160 Wh.
  4. Can only be carried in the cabin and prohibited for entering checked baggage.